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Beta version release of Let’s Poll survey engine    June 30, 2011
The long-awaited Let’s Poll survey engine is now released for beta testing. Click here to view a demo survey made from the survey engine.

Let's Poll survey engine features highlight:
  • Include more than ten (10) primary components - static, radio button, checkbox, dropdown box, multiple selection dropdown box, input box, textbox (multiple line input box), password box, matrix, CAPTCHA, rating control, datetime control, compound controls, and more.
  • Required field validation.
  • Custom format validation checks for invalid user answers. Over 30 built-in formats such as date, email address, phone number, zip code, … etc.
  • Full Branching support (skip logic).
  • Randomized choice sequence support.
  • Graphics and Videos support.
  • Fully customizable page appearance (layout, fonts, ... etc) through CSS.
  • Runs as standard-alone pages or survey widgets.

New feature release    May 15, 2011
A "Set Initial Count" feature is added, which allows you to set initial counts of each choice and poll entry in a poll.

New feature release    April 28, 2011
The text on the Text Submit button is now fully customizable. From the “Poll Options” screen, choose the “Text Button” option, and then you can specify the text you wish to use in the “Text On the Button” textbox. If nothing is specified, the default text “Submit” will be used. To display a blank Text Submit button, enter a few space characters in there.