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LET'S POLL offers free online poll services. It allows you to create poll widgets, surveys, questionnaires instantly and publish them anywhere online!

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LetsPoll.com makes the most sophisticated poll widgets with many unique features that are not available from any other vendors or websites. Our advanced poll features include graphics, animation, multimedia, multiple-selection checkboxes, drop-down menus, input(text) boxes, flexible poll-body layout, … and more. You can even add a CAPTCHA on the poll widget to prevent it from being taken by machines!

You can host your polls on LetsPoll.com! Just create your poll and invite your friends over!

The long-awaited Let’s Poll survey engine has finally arrived. Click here to view a demo survey.
  • Create, edit and view reports of your polls and surveys instantly.
  • Publish (i.e., display) your surveys anywhere on the Internet - our server, your website, MySpace, Blogger, Weebly, Ning, Bebo, Xanga ... etc.
  • All the infrastructure needed (software, database, ... etc) to run the surveys are hosted and provided on our end totally free of charge. There is no software to install or maintain on your end.
  • No programming needed. Even for publishing on the most complex websites, all you need is to copy and paste a few line of HTML text that are generated for you.
  • Fully customizable appearance: layout, size, alignment, font, color, spacing, ... and more though the use of CSS.
  • Fully integrated with popular Blogging platforms and Social Networking sites allows you to publish your survey with just a few clicks.
  • You have total control of your surveys - appearance, running period, permission to be retaken ... and more.
  • A dashboard allows you to easily make changes, view summary or get full graphical reports of your surveys. It also allows you to easily suspend and resume your surveys at any time or have them run on schedule.
  • Many variations of styles for selection, including instant results viewing, survey-taker feedback, continuous flow or batch submission, ... etc.
  • Many options for anti-tamper of surveys, including cookies, IP address and token-based.
  • CAPTCHA controlled polls to prevent your surveys from taking by automated scripts.
  • Fully controllable time interval for retaking surveys (if allowed.)
  • More than 20 popular fully-customizable pre-made survey templates.
  • Suitable for all the applications, from just a fun widget to attract visitors to full featured data warehousing.
  • Powerful analysis tool allows you to do complex manipulations of the collected data.
  • Hosted on high-speed servers.
  • FREE means FREE. www.letspoll.com offers true, pure 100% FREEWARE. This is not ADWARE (displaying advertisements), LITEWARE ("lite" version of a product), CRIPPLEWARE (a version with removed features), NAGWARE (nag screen asking you to purchase) or REGISTERWARE (collecting personal information of you or your clients).
Powered by www.letspoll.com Poll Widget

Powered by www.letspoll.com Poll Widget

Powered by www.letspoll.com Poll Widget